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During the first phase of my career, I cofounded Lunar in 1984. Lunar quickly established itself as a firm that was highly regarded by clients, employees and the design community. Over my 30+ years at Lunar, we won over three hundred design awards and our work was featured in over twenty museum exhibitions, including the esteemed MOMA and Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. In 2014 LUNAR was awarded the prestigious Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum’s National Design Award for our thirty-year body of work. In 2015 we sold Lunar to McKinsey & Company and I served as a Senior Advisor through April 2018. During my last three years at Lunar/McKinsey, I worked on a number of conceptual furniture projects and became captivated with the notion of furniture as art. 

During my time at Lunar, I experienced the tremendous impact design has in making companies successful and providing well designed products to the masses. I launched Furbershaworks in 2019 as a platform for my work in the art furniture domain, the creation of art you can sit on. In shifting from designer to artist, my focus also shifted from addressing the many attributes required in a successful industrial design solution to simply beauty. The name Furbershaworks reflects my drive to create works and also the effort (the work) associated with that process. As a designer I sought to positively impact society with beneficial products. As an artist, I now seek to leave a legacy of aesthetic enrichment through my art furniture.
Although I have worked on some 3D printed projects and a fiberglass piece, my primary focus has been to create high-end maple plywood pieces. I’m particularly fond of emphasizing plywood’s inherent beauty by contrasting the material’s distinctive alternating lighter and darker plies with its face grain. 
The Conceptual Work section of my website showcases work I do to explore the future possibilities of art furniture and design art that will be enabled by emerging production 3D printing.

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece, please contact me at

Gerard Furbershaw

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