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During the first phase of my career, I cofounded Lunar in 1984. Lunar quickly established itself as a firm that was highly regarded by clients, employees and the design community. Over my 30+ years at Lunar, we won over three hundred design awards and our work was featured in over twenty museum exhibitions, including the esteemed MOMA and Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. In 2014 LUNAR was awarded the prestigious Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum’s National Design Award for our thirty-year body of work. In 2015 we sold Lunar to McKinsey & Company and I served as a Senior Advisor through April 2018.

Lunar’s acquisition by McKinsey in 2015 serendipitously enabled me to find my calling – the expression of my artistic sensibilities in the pursuit of design art. [If you’re interested in learning more about this journey, you can view my 9 minute 2018 IDSA International Design Conference talk, Return to my Roots] My fellow Lunar cofounder Jeff Smith and I decided to add value in our roles as Senior Advisors by doing conceptual projects that were focused on garnering publicity for Lunar. We became interested in designing furniture that was artistically inspired. Among the projects we worked on were the Entropy Table, 2toTango Bench, Jewel Pool Coffee Table and Hi/Lo Bench. Making beauty the highest priority criterion made those projects deeply fulfilling for me and led me down the path to the second phase of my career - design art.

I have experienced the tremendous impact industrial design has in making companies successful and helping society. But since industrial design is but one discipline on a typical multi-disciplinary team, visual expression can be limited by the overall demands of the team. In contrast to working on a team, I find it highly rewarding to have the freedom to focus on expressing my artistic sensibilities.

I launched Furbershaworks in 2019 as a platform to showcase my design art. The name Furbershaworks reflects my drive to create works and also my toil associated with that process. My focus is on furniture, mainly benches, coffee tables, and chairs. I have also done some work in the housewares domain, primarily vases and lighting sconces. The Conceptual Work section of the website shows work I do to explore the boundaries of design art. I have fabricated two benches that can be viewed in the 2323 Bench and ChaTaT Bench sections.

The 2323 Bench showcases plywood’s inherent beauty by emphasizing the material’s distinctive alternating lighter and darker plies contrasted by its face grain. The prominent twenty-three square openings on each end of the bench led to its name - 2323. Named after a combination of the word chat and TaT, the acronym for the French term tête-à-tête, the ChaTaT Bench is a new take on the two-century old loveseat concept, enabling two people to converse face-to-face by sitting on opposing ends of the bench's twisted top surface.

At this point in my career, I feel fortunate to have the freedom to engage in the process of creation based solely on my interests and sensibilities. I look forward to sharing my work with you.

Gerard Furbershaw